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    I’m Jonathan and I’m an athlete and surfer from Miami. Surfing is my biggest passion in life and the number one thing that I put time into during every day of my life. I started surfing when I was very young, at the age of 12. My father, a surfer himself, taught me the basics and introduced me into this beautiful sport and lifestyle.


    Surfing is not just about being able to stand up on a board and manage not to fall in the water. It comes with so much more. With this blog, I am intending to help people see the true beauty of surfing and to understand why I love being a surfer so much.

    Being a surfer can take you to a lot of places. You will first of all be able to travel a lot and experience lots of new and beautiful sceneries. Surfing helps you connect with nature and it makes it easier for you to find peace and to actually find yourself.


    Through my surfing journey, I had the privilege of meeting a lot of new people, hear stories from all over the world and make friendships for life. I still was a surfer through my college years and my fellow students never understood how I made everything work. My biggest secret in any difficult situation was finding someone online to do my dissertation. This was always the best way for me to both be able to keep up with homework without asking for much help from my friends and to also be able to be present at my practices on time.


    I might not be the greatest writer, but I really want my experiences to be translated into blogs for my site. I am intending to help people see how this sport is truly not as dangerous as it seems and how many things it has to offer someone. I want to write about how you can travel through surfing and how you can truly get the best experience out of it.


    I am very thankful for everyone that takes the time to read my posts and comment their opinions. I will always be open to hearing your questions and your suggestions regarding both present and future posts so don’t be shy to reach out to me!

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    Hi there! My name is Jonathan and you probably have guessed by the theme of this website that I have something to do with surfing. In fact, I am an athlete and professional surfer from Miami and I live and breathe to surf.


    Surfing is one of the most important things in my life. I started surfing at a very young age thanks to my dad who was also a surfer! I soon became addicted to this lifestyle and the perks of this sport and I decided this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.


    This amazing sport is truly the reason why I got to meet some of the most amazing people, travel to the most beautiful places and overall experience things that I don’t think I would have been able to experience otherwise.


    All these facts are the reason why I decided to start a blog. I want to share my experience with others who want to fall in love with surfing and I want to explain to people exactly how they can get the most out of their surfing experience.


    The life of a surfer is not exactly like the movies. We are not careless people who drink all the time. Personally, I am always very careful when it comes to my safety and the safety of my friends and of course my board. I want to help people learn a few basic things that they should be aware of when starting to surf and I want to make sure that people know what they are supposed to be cautious of when it comes to this sport.


    Lastly, I would like to encourage you to leave me any comments with feedback on my posts. I am truly not much of a writer, I only started writing because I wanted to give life to this vision I had in my mind through this website and I wanted to be able to connect with more surfers from all around the world.


    I’ll be looking forward to creating more content for you. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and stay safe on the waves!

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    If you’d like my advice on anything surfing related, I’d be more than happy to help you out! Leave a comment on any of my posts and I’ll try getting back to you as soon as possible. I’m not much of a writer but I’ll do my best to keep posting often. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and stick around for more. Stay safe in the waters!

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    What was your first contact with surfing?

    I first got to know about surfing at a very young age. My dad used to surf as well, but more like a hobby rather than competitively and so I got my first board when I was just a kid. I was always a natural, as my dad used to say and I soon became addicted to this sport and lifestyle.


    Have you traveled much in your life?

    Surfing gave me the opportunity to travel a lot and get to see many gorgeous places in my life. Apart from surfing though, my parents were always fond of traveling and new adventures, so I had the luck to be on the road from a very young age, road tripping throughout the country and visiting some amazing destinations abroad.


    What is your favorite surfing trick?

    This is such a difficult thing to ask when you have been surfing for years. I think that one of my absolute favorite tricks though is the Flynnstone Flip!


    Have you ever done any other sports?

    Through my high school years I used to play a little bit of basketball and I have also tried

    snowboarding, windsurfing.


    If I’m being honest, I wasn’t as good as I was expected to be at snowboarding and basketball really didn’t make me feel that excited to play. I love sports that are related to water though and I was always a good swimmer.


    Which is your favorite place to surf?

    Even though I’ve been to so many places, I just always keep coming back to Santa Cruz. There is just something about this place that I absolutely love.


    What is your content going to be on?

    I will focus on giving you guys advice on surfing, how to prepare for your surfing travels, how to find the best spots to surf and how to have the best experience from your surfing journey. I just want to be able to make people love surfing as much as I do and help others to not be afraid of this sport. Honestly, if you spend enough time practicing, you have nothing to be afraid of!

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