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The Best Places for Surfing in the World

If you a lover of this sport, you are more than likely looking to find the best places for surfing in the world that can offer you an amazing surfing experience.

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In this article, I will provide you with a list of some of my favorite places in the world to visit for surfing, many of which I have personally visited myself.

Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

If you’re looking for an amazing surfing experience in the United States, Oahu is probably the best and one of the most popular surfing destinations in the country, as well as one of my personal favorites. Oahu is said to be the island that created surfing as its waves can reach up to six meters in height and therefore are loved by professional surfers from all over the world.

Superbank, Gold Coast, Australia

The Gold Coast is truly an incredible place for surfers. It offers more than 70km or beaches and of course Superbank which is considered one of the world’s most famous breaks. If you’re looking for a more crowded surfing place, then the Gold Coast is definitely the place for you.

Black Beach, San Diego, California

Black Beach is one of the prettiest places that attract mainly professionals of the sport. It is usually not advised for beginners as the currents in the area are quite strong. If you are experienced though, you are bound to have fun at all times of the day as the wind is not affecting the waves at the place where the beach is located. Keep in mind though, that it can get a little too crowded during the weekends.

Cloudbreak, Tavarua Island, Fiji

If you’re looking for a very popular but also very dangerous surfing spot, Cloudbreak is one of the best surfing places in the world. With waves that can reach up to 10 meters in size, this place is bound to give you the ultimate surfing experience!

White Beach, Okinawa, Japan

Last but not least, this is a beautiful place fit for both those who want to practice their skills or simply want to start learning how to surf. If you’re in the search for a more peaceful experience, this gorgeous beach full of white sand and light blue waters is perfect for every beginner who wants to get a hang of the board.

The White beach usually gets very crowded during the weekends but if you gain some experience from practicing you can always put your skills to the test at the Suicide Cliffs that are very close by.

A Surfing Spot for Every Taste

Whether you prefer to practice your skills or you want to challenge the tallest of the tallest waves, you are bound to find an amazing place that will satisfy your needs.

Let me know in the comments about your favorite places to surf at and what is the number one place you wish you could travel to in order to surf?

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