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Why Does Surfing in my Life Take Longer than Studying

Combining college and a sport can be fun but when you’re an athlete it can turn out to be quite hectic. There are many times where you will either have to go to a class or miss out on a practice and that can truly cause problems in either situation.

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The things are that many people don’t really understand how one thing can sometimes be more important than the other. When you have been doing a sport for many years it has become a part of your everyday life. You always think of things you need to improve, fun experiences you had and you compare things and situations in your everyday life with your competitions and practices.

College might not be your top priority

Since we are young, we are taught that the ultimate goal in our lives is to get into college in order to be able to find a job. There are many cases though where college isn’t the only solution and what you’re studying might not be the only thing you want to work on for the rest of your life.


That definitely was the case for me. Even though I enrolled in college in hopes of keeping surfing as a hobby and focusing on my academic career, I soon came to realize this was not what would make me the happiest in life.

Surfing is more than a sport

Being on the board, meeting new people, practicing and improving myself and my technique is what truly makes me happy in life. Being able to travel around the world and feel the rush that surfing offers you is one of the most important things for me and have truly helped shape my personality.

College homework was a priority at first. I truly tried and gave it my all as I believed that this is what would get me somewhere in life. In all honesty, I was very unhappy. I would skip practices and do my best to get good grades but I still felt hollow. I wasn’t doing what I loved the most and it was starting to take a toll on me.

I was very lucky though to always have such supportive parents. My father was a surfer himself and he told me to do whatever made me the happiest. I started adding more and more time to my practices and did my best to start participating in contests and expose myself to more recognition.

Surfing soon became my number one priority and even though studying took far less time than it used to, I felt happy again and realized this was what I wanted to put most of the time into.

Choose what makes you happy

I know this sounds cliché but it is very important that you put your energy into doing what makes you happier in life. When I realized studying shouldn’t be my priority anymore, I decided to become great at what I love to do and try to make a living out of it.

Through frequent competitions and similar activities, I managed to do just that. And this is why surfing ended up taking up more time than studying in my life.

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